Decision Day

Today is the only poll that counts.  I plan to pop some popcorn, make sure I have some cool soft drinks, and spend the evening watching the returns as the country decides who we’ll have making decisions for the next 2 years.  While there may be some who can still be influenced, just about everyone has by now made up their minds.  I’m praying that tonight will be a different event than what turned out in 2008 to be a t rain wreck, but anything is possible right now.  God’s will be done!!

Either way, the mood tomorrow morning will be markedly different than the mood yesterday, and the real question is “did we do something significant, or just exchange one set of despots for another?”. Time will tell, and I’ll have something to say about that tomorrow, but right now, I’m just glad I won’t have to sit and listen to all the campaign noise for a while.

A Republic sure can be tiring sometimes……

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