Election Issues

With the election just over a week away, the candidates are working their way through their respective districts looking for votes, and with that comes an opportunity to find out what they will and will not support.  I had a conversation with the Republican candidate running in my congressional district yesterday, and I asked two economic issues:

1.  Will you sign the pledge to repeal Obamacare?
2.  Will you co-sponsor, and work to pass, the Fair Tax Bill?

The former is almost a slam dunk for all conservative candidates (and anyone who waffles on that one doesn’t deserve your vote, in my opinion).  The second is a bit tougher, because of all the demagoguery about tax issues, but we still need to push candidates to support that bill.  The two most important economic measures the next Congress should address are these two issues.  Obviously, Obamacare will ruin the country, and why that wasn’t obvious in the first place is an indictment of the corruption of our entire government!  Repealing (or, as a fall-back position, crippling it until additional forces can be marshaled in the next election) is of supreme importance.

However, on a going-forward basis, no single act can do more to restore some sort of sanity to our economic system than replacing the idiotic, bloated, and against-original-intent tax system with one that would have been approved by our founders.  Additionally, actually telling the truth about how much tax is collected seems to me to be a uniquely American ideal in the first place.  The Fair Tax Bill requires that the federal sales tax be listed separately on each sales receipt so the consumer knows just how much of his money is being confiscated with each purchase, making it not only harder for Congress to purloin more, but adds an incentive to reduce that amount, and in the process, reducing the amount spent.  Of course, it’s a hard-sell to Congress who just loves to take, take, take and spend, spend, spend.  However, with the possibility of electing a new breed of folks to our national government, we have a unique opportunity to fix the original sin that is the 16th Amendment!

Now, I realize there are a myriad of social issues that are, in reality, more important than how our tax is collected, but if you think about it, they are interrelated.  For instance, the reason our churches have been ineffective in national politics is due directly the tax exemption that the Nazis – sorry the IRS – holds over them in exchange for their silence on public policy.  Additionally, once the government controls you economically, then can control you in other areas as well.

So – two things we must demand of new representatives:  Rid ourselves of the immediate danger – Obamacare, and rid ourselves of the long-term monster – the IRS!  If a Democrat were to promise to vigorously support these two issues, that would almost be enough to get my vote.

Hey – I said almost!

Remember the 40 days and 40 nights of prayer culminating November 2nd.  Spend time on your knees once each morning and once each evening until then in prayer for our country.  Nothing will work unless we have Providential intervention!!

Karl Bullock


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