If you, like me, did a "Yes!" when the President announced the sudden departure of Bin Laden last year, you may not have realized that temporary euphoria may have had a cost.  Since the first year of his Presidency, the Obama administration has done a bit too much talking about things best left unsaid.  OK, I'm being kind here (not really sure why....).  They just can't keep their mouths shut.

I didn't need to know about the Pakistani doctor who was a key link in the Bin Laden raid.  I didn't need to know the name of the actual unit involved.  I didn't need to know the details of the raid.  All this information sure didn't need to be plastered across the airwaves.  But, if you're a political animal who puts self above country, bragging about all these is natural act (hey, Mr. President - you didn't do that.  Someone with actual skills did!).

Many in our intelligence and military community have had enough.  I've joined them in their quest, and I'd ask you to consider doing the same.  Their message, in true "give to 'em loud and dirty so they'll remember it" fashion is simple:  "Mr. President, shut the **** up!!!"

View this short video, then join with them and help amplify their voice for not only those on the front line today, but all those who will serve in the future.  As long as we keep electing politicians, we'll need to keep stapling their mouths shut!


All it takes is thinking.....


August 2, 2012

I am amazed at the number of people who just don't think.  I know we've become an intellectually lazy generation, and after all, thinking just isn't "fun" any more, but come on, folks, this is our children's future we're talking about here.

We've all heard "there's no free lunch", since childhood, but for some reason, we still just don't get it. How else do you explain gambling (it's a tax on stupid people).  So now many believe we can stand in a circle with our hands in each other's pockets, and somehow everything will get better.  Life just doesn't work that way, and those who believe it does are just not thinking.

Now, I don't care how clever you are, the current policies of our national leadership are untenable at best, and apocalyptic at worst, and you just can't argue otherwise.  If you look at nothing but the growth in national debt over the last 3 years, that should be all the evidence you need.  However, this is not a disaster that cropped up over night.  We have been warned about it for decades.  To remind yourself just how bad, take a look at this!  While both parties are at fault, and I actually blame the Republicans for their lack of intestinal fortitude, the so-called "progressives" have put this insanity on steroids.  We've been teetering on the edge of the abyss for some time now, and many are beginning to openly warn of the coming crash, and yet our leadership insists on doubling down on all the bad decisions they've made in the past.

Now, one election won't cure the problem, and many (including me!) have suggested all we're going to do is crash the plane at an angle instead of a steep nose dive in, we can at least put an end to those pushing our society over the edge.  I don't care if you're Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or politically agnostic, the only decent decision made by this administration in the past 4 years was to let the Seals pop Bin Laden, and the President put off that decision 3 times before finally, reluctantly, giving his go ahead, and then taking all the credit as if he was there and personally pulled the trigger.

It is time for a change in leadership, particularly in the Senate and the White House.  Lots of Repubs should be replaced as well.  Personally, I'd like to see another lopsided contest like the one McGovern experienced in both branches of government, and I wouldn't mind revamping the third one as well.  Hey, shock 'em all, and maybe the pucker factor will cause some of the invertebrate legislators to grow a vertebral column (don't know what we'll do about the brain.....oh, well).

So, listen.  Get your thinking straight.  Otherwise, when the end comes, we'll still be doing this:


Come on, people....THINK (and use your head this time)!




"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this oath freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of my office on which I am about to enter.  So help me God."

This week, and for the last several years, you have been a witness to a mass violation of this oath.  Virtually all the members of Congress, both houses, the President, and this week especially, the members of the Supreme Court.

In an unfathomable decision, Justice Roberts joined the four useful-idiots on the court and together they took the tattered Constitution, shredded it, soaked it in gasoline (they evidently couldn't find a "green" method!), and utterly destroyed it, thus fulfilling the intent of the President, his cabinet, and many in the Congress.

At our founding, none other than Benjamin Franklin forecast this eventuality, though I'm sure he thought it might occur earlier.  Because of the proclivities of man, he feared that, sooner or later, we'd be again in tyranny, but he and the rest of the founders had hoped the People would forestall it as long as possible.

In 130 days, we'll know if the process is finished, or if there's still a chance for recovery, though even with the best of possible outcomes now, that chance is getting slimmer and slimmer.

I've stated this before, and I say it again now:  I think our only hope is to wipe everything off the books and start over again like it's 1789.  There's no other way to do it, because the system is so broken it can no longer be fixed.  We have a still-legal way to do this.  It's called a Constitutional Convention.  Now, such a venue is extremely dangerous, because if you think things are bad now, in a Convention, everything's on the table!  The only way this would work, is if strong-willed God-fearing men with integrity and unflinching courage, to rise to the challenge and make this happen.  The problem is - we don't have any of those.

Now, if I sound pessimistic, well I guess I am.  I've watched over the period of my lifetime our "leaders" take God out of society, turn us into a welfare state, decimate our military, erode our values, lie with increasing boldness to the American people, violate our rights, trample on our basic beliefs, and push our country to the brink of destruction, and yet WE KEEP PUTTING THESE CLOWNS IN POWER!  It's not the leadership that has failed us - it's We the People!  With that foundation gone, it's just a matter of time.

The decision on Obamacare was a watershed moment.  In my mind, that all but finished the process.  Regardless of what happens in November, we will not have the right leadership in Washington.  Folks, I fear for my children's future.  We have failed them, and now they're going to pay the price.  Time is running out.......only a miracle can rescue the once-great United States of America.

God help us --- Please!!!

A Plan??

So, just what is the plan? There has to be a plan. Things have gone on just too long and something has to be done.

What is the leadership up to? I mean, people are hurting, and demanding action. The current regime is corrupt, abusive, and by the way, they're just not our kind of people, right? We need at a minimum a great political victory, and if that won't work, we have people in the wings ready with an armed solution. We're just not going to wait any longer.

Our current "leaders" seem to be ineffective, and are manipulated by the powers-that-be at every junction, and we're just not so sure they're not part of the problem. No matter what we do, it seems things get worse, and frankly, we're just tired of it all.

So, where's our new leadership going to come from? There are many among us with the capability, but with all the weapons arrayed against us, we just can't seem to get any traction. The deck seems to be stacked against anyone with any sense getting anywhere, and when a potential leader tries to emerge, he's crushed by the regime, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

But wait, something strange seems to be happening. About thirty years ago, there was a disturbance in a small town to the east, and rumors of a leader emerging, but that can't be true. As it turns out, this guy was born in an obscure town to a people not known for anything of substance. On top of that, he was born to an unwed mother who was so poor he was delivered in a cave. Then, he disappeared back into obscurity only to reemerge as a common workman in, again, a not-so-notable place. It appears to just be another of those rumors, and besides, he's not a great political or military leader, so we just don't see how any faith could be placed in him. And now, we hear this guy has been hunted down, arrested, and will be executed for crimes against the regime, and it turns out his own people turned him in. Yep - same old story - no change.

Yet, as we now know years later, he was the great leader we'd needed, only I wouldn't have done it that way. No, if I'd been in charge, I'd have sent a great political and military leader who would crush the opposition and set things up the way they should be, and we'd be set. No, if I'd had my way, I'd have certainly done it differently, and if I had, I'd have failed miserably, just like all the "leaders" before me.

Instead, what we received was something more monumental and amazing than we could ever have expected. We were given the son of the Most High Himself, who came and instead of defeating an earthly leadership and setting up yet another government destined to fail at some point, He fully defeated the root cause of all our problems - sin and death! Looking back now, the miracle of that seemingly insignificant birth in that third rate town to an unwed mother, out of town, on tax day, and in a cave turns out to be the event that generations will celebrate until the end of time. As it turns out, His plan was much better. No, actually it was perfect.

So, as we look now two thousand years later at a similar political situation in a world still broken,and as we stare through the frustrations, there's one thing we can count on. There is a plan. It is perfect, and unexpected, and inevitable. So, as we marvel at that birth in Bethlehem and that life of only thirty-three years that changed the world, and has the ability to change lives forever, we know there's a victory just waiting around the bend. So take hope. God is still in control. He still directs the affairs of men, regardless of whether those men acknowledge Him or not. And as we look at the life of His Son, and the resurrection that saves, there is still reason to be happy, merry, and hopeful.

So, Merry Christmas! There's a new year, and more pieces of the plan to be revealed just around the corner. Celebrate the Birth. Enjoy the adventure!!!



I've made no secret of my deeply-held belief that Barack Obama is the worst president in our nation's history, and that's saying a lot!  The election of 2012 will decide, literally, whether our country survives in any form the Founders established, or whether we join the rest of the failed societies of history that failed, and if we do, we'll fail miserably.  Few things are more important in our lifetime.  My profession of faith in Christ is the one thing that cannot be affected by what happens to our country.  However, everything else will be:  My family, my livelihood, everything I own, and what I have to do to survive - all are up for grabs in the coming months, and so it is with you, whether you've realized it or not.  It is literally that serious.

I've looked at all the candidates, and here's where I see them (careful - I pull no punches):

  • Mitt Romney.  No, no, no.  If he's the nominee, I'll support him over Obama (that's a no-brainer), but his core values seem to be up for grabs, and he's too willing to compromise his beliefs to do what he thinks he needs to do to get elected.
  • Rick Perry.  No.  He's a mediocre speaker, and now more than ever we need someone who can articulate his position well.  He's off base on immigration issues, and he's been too willing to use top-down power to force families to do things that should be totally their decision.
  • Ron Paul.  No.  He thinks we're still in the 18th century, and he's way too focused on the FED (though the FED needs some focusing).  He's a one-issue candidate at at time when we're surrounded by multiple problems.  His stand on the military and foreign policy gives me some heartburn as well, and he's a lousy public speaker.
  • Michelle Bachmann.  I like her on the issues, but I'm afraid she's just not up to the job.  She'd make a good Vice-President or senior advisor or cabinet member, but I can see her having some problems in a debate with Obama.  Also, I don't know if it's just me, but her voice seems to grate on me a bit.  I had some of the problem with Palin, but that was offset by her tenacity.
  • John Huntsman.  No.  I'd rather have Romney!  He believes in evolution and global warming, and flip-flopped on Cap and Trade.  I'm basically concerned about how he'd handle the problems we have, and I'm afraid he'd not debate well with Obama.
  • Gary Johnson.  No stinkin' way.  He's for legalizing marijuana, and admits using recreational drugs in college.  He's soft on illegal immigration, homosexuality, and he's pro-choice.  He'd probably be the worst of the current GOP crop.
  • Rick Santorum.  I like Santorum.  He seems to be right on all the issues, and I would not hold my nose to vote for him like I'd have to do with Paul, Romney, Huntsman, and particularly Johnson.  However, I'm not sure he's the best candidate to put toe-to-toe with Obama.  He bears watching, though.
  • Herman Cain.  I was an early Cain supporter, and I still like a lot of what he has to say.  However, he recently stumbled on the abortion issue (I could have knocked that question out of the park, and I'm concerned as to why he flubbed it).  His 9-9-9 plan has merit, and he was an early supporter of the Fair Tax (which I heavily support).  He has good oratory skills, though he might not be able to completely knock Obama out in a debate (though it would be fun).  I'm still watching him close, and time will tell if he peaked too early.
  • Newt Gingrich.  Now, Newt has some baggage that we're all aware of, and that concerned me early on.  However, after researching his life since his mistakes, he's admitted them, sought forgiveness, and his subsequent actions have been spot on as far as his faith and espoused values are.  Additionally, whenever he's in the room with the rest of the candidates, he's the smartest one in the room.  Watching him speak is mesmerizing, and I can't help but applaud when he speaks.  He has imaginative solutions, understands the problems, and is certainly forceful in his policies.  Additionally, he'd destroy Obama in a debate, which I'd pay to go see (and that's big!).  His experience, his Reaganesque distrust of the federal government, his uncanny ability to speak without notes (or a teleprompter, Barry), and his general oratory skills are unmatched in any candidate running today.  His biggest liability is that the press just hates him, and even those more "fair and balanced" don't give him much, so he'd be an uphill-battle candidate.  However, view a couple of youtube videos of his speeches, and it's hard to turn away.

So, of all the current crop, right now here's my preferences:  Gingrich, followed by Cain, with Santorum and Bachmann tied for third.  It'd be find with me if the rest of the crop just dropped out.

Now, I'm a lousy prognosticator, but if I had to guess, Here's what I'd say:  Cain is on top now, but he may have peaked to early, and is starting to trip over his own shoestrings.  Perry and Romney will probably eat each other up, Paul and Johnson are a bit too la-la for me, and Huntsman just won't gain much.  All this means the race, at least in my mind, will be between Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum, with Romney showing strong, but never getting above the ceiling he's always been unable to penetrate.  Since Gingrich and Cain are both from Georgia, they can't constitutionally be on the same ticket, so a choice will have to be made there.  But take either one, and put one of the other top remainders on the ticket with them, and Obama gets defeated, though if Gingrich is on top, I think Obama gets destroyed.  I'm good either way.  All this, of course, is subject to change

Things may change between now and 11/12, but whoever is the nominee will get my support, even if I have to hold my nose and vote for Johnson (ugh, the thought of another "President Johnson" just hit me!).  Either way, Obama has to go, and the more lopsided the victory, the easier it will be for House and Senate candidates with the right values to ride those coattails.

There's lots of work, and lots of prayin' to do in the next 12 months, and we have a greater need for Providential direction in this election than in any since 1776 or 1860.