No Hope Without Change

I am beginning to be concerned that the Republic can be saved.  Last year we voted for people who swore they'd change the way Washington does business.  Now, it's looking like we're going to compromise at some point on a plan to raise the debt ceiling by - get this - not increasing the spending as fast next year.  What?  What happened to actual cuts?  This is totally unacceptable!  This whole debt-ceiling argument is a bogus argument in the first place.  Not raising the debt-ceiling forces spending reductions - it's as simple as that!  But, the current crop, even with the landslide last year, can't seem to make that point!!!

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Why This Works

Why has the United States become the great power that it is?  And, why is it seemingly so hard to get an American-style constitutional government to "work" anywhere else?  Why did it work so well here, and why is it seeming to falter now?  As I wrote a couple of days ago in anticipation of Independence Day, there are some things we've forgotten.  It's time to focus more clearly on those things.

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