A Cure for the Federal Debt

You know, it just occurred to me there might be a way to solve two
problems at once - the Federal Debt and the encroachment of Federal
policies into state matters.  What if the Federal Government just sold
each individual state to the residents of that state?  Over the years
they've essentially taken over anyway, and since the Feds need money,
here's something they can sell.  And, that's a pretty good deal for the
Feds, because it didn't belong to them in the first place!

Ever wonder why our country was named The United States instead of
something like The Federal Republic of States?  Think about it.

Getting Involved

Here is the scenario:

A group of freedom fighters succeeds in opposing the ruling regime, and a small skirmish blossoms into full-blown war between the existent government and the rebels.  The government fields a great army against their own citizens, and bloodshed is heavy on both sides.  Early on, the rebels are successful, and it appears they may have a chance.  But, there's a point at which the tide turns, and government forces finally end up vanquishing the rebels, after which the government treats the rebels worse than any foreign enemy they'd ever faced, in a move that can conceivably result in decades of economic strife.

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It Is Time!

S&P lobbed a hand-grenade into the markets today by lowering its outlook on the United States financial condition.

It is now obvious that even with the historic turnover in the House last year, Congress and the President are going to do basically nothing to cut spending in Washington, and it's nearly two years before any further electoral changes can make a difference.  WE DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME!

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Psychology 101

April 13, 2011

I've seen this before, but my friend Jim resent it to me today, and in light of this week's events, I thought it needed to be shared again.

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How Do You Define "Deal"?

-- 3 days before tax day

Today some House Republicans are crowing about the deal Speaker Boehner worked out with the Democrats, but the details are beginning to eek out, and I'm pretty sure we got snookered.

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