The Naked Emperor

My initial assessment of Barack Obama was that he was a pathological narcissist.  While I stand by that assessment, as we get deeper into his first term, we find there are other contributing factors that will, when history is finally and honestly written, determine his presidency to have been even worse than both Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.

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What part of "we told you so" is so hard to understand?  For decades everyone on both sides (tyranny versus liberty) have been bemoaning our dependence on foreign oil.  It's a Sword of Damocles that's been dangling over our collective heads since Commissar Carter turned off the air conditioning, but all we do is talk about how we have to "decrease our dependence" and "develop alternative sources", yada, yada yada.  We've all dreaded the day when we'd be really held hostage by events we could no longer control, and now it is here.  But, we've always had the solution, and we've allowed those with less wisdom than my socks to talk us out of using it.

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Is the Car in the Ditch, Or Worse?

If you buy into the lie that Conservatives "drove the car into the ditch" during the Bush Administration, then taking that metaphor to its logical conclusion, the Obama Administration has doused the car with gas, set it on fire, and rolled it off a cliff!  They claim we "want the keys back". Yep - we wanted to drive it out of the ditch.  However, union organizers (related to "community organizers") are now attacking the burning car with explosives, and if they succeed, there won't be a car left to drive!

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Do You Google?

I don't know if you've been keeping up with the political/tech news lately (an obscure category, to be sure), but do you know what all Google's been up to?  Take a look at this list:

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