Immigration - You Have GOT to See This!

Thanks to my buddy Jim for sending this link.  If you think you
understand the immigration issue - think again.  When you view this
short video - your perception will change forever.

The solution is not more money, and definitely NOT what we're doing.
You decide.....


On the first day of Congress, Congressman Woodall from Georgia introduced HR25 - the Fair Tax Bill with 47 co-sponsors!  Three additional cosponsors were added with the next few days.  Now is the time to contact your Congressman, particularly if yours is newly-elected, and ask for them to not only support the bill, but become a co-sponsor.  Passage of this one measure alone would do much to reverse the downward spiral of tax-spend-tax-spend that has been the hallmark of Congress since the passage of the 16th Amendment.

You can find more information at  Few things Congress could do would make more difference!

Goodbye 2010

Well, 2010 was a banner year.

* Absolutely the worst President in American History (and that's an accomplishment, considering Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter and Wilson!), coupled with...

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The Repeal of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy on gays serving in the military just cleared a major hurdle forward in the Senate, and the current forecast is that it will pass next week - just in time for Christmas.  Happy birthday Jesus :(

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Several days ago I advanced the opinion that what we need is a limited
Constitutional Convention, and that one goal should be to fire the
entire House and Senate, forbidding anyone who has ever served there
from serving again, and complete reconstitute the Legislative Branch of
our Government with people with brains.  If you have any doubt about the
necessity for this, all you need do is review the current load of crap
going on in our Nation's Capitol.

Fire 'em, term limit 'em, and stop the idiocy.  Remember, you can't fix