Racist Al-Qaeda

Until this week, Obama had more disdain for Tea Partiers, 9/12ers, gun-lovers and conservative Christians than he did for Al-Qaeda.  But, that all changed.  What happened?  Al-Qaeda bombed Africa.  That has made Al-Qaeda racist, and evidently moved them up a notch on his hate-o-meter.  Rush was priceless today as he made so much fun of the idiots in the White House, and asked the following question:  If Al-Qaeda is now racist, does that make terrorism a hate-crime?  Maybe the Pentagon has been going about this wrong all along.  Now that Eric Holder is involved, boy, these terrorists are in trouble now, because he’s discovered that Bin Laden and company are a bunch of crackers!!!

If this wasn’t the leadership of our country, this’d be hilarious!  Instead, it’s just sad (and scary!).

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