The Day Before

Tomorrow’s the day, which you know, of course, unless you’ve been on a desert island for the last 6 months.  That means today’s the day that many will be making their decisions on (a) whether or not to vote, and (b) who to vote for.  This is one of those days when you can exert significant influence on your friends and acquaintances.  So, today, when you talk to your friends, urge them to vote, and to vote for other than the status quo.

We face a crossroads, and tomorrow’s the day we make major choices at that very crossroads.  Every vote counts – particularly in those districts that are “too close to call”.  So, even if you live in an area where the outcome is certain, you have friends and acquaintances in other areas of the country.  Call ’em up!  Get ’em to vote.  A huge turnout is what we need here.

Make it happen!

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