A Blessing In Disguise?

Our country is in such bad shape that it has occurred to me the financial problems might be a blessing in disguise.  Now, not to say these problems are a good thing, but the situation could certainly be worse, even with Bernanke’s comments today about the national debt.  How so?

Think about this:  If, when the Obamanites took office, the country had been in good financial shape, how much more damage could have have done then to our freedoms?  Given a situation where the new Regime would be free from concentrating on financial markets and the growing problems in the economy, they could have focused their entire efforts in usurping even more of our freedoms than they already have done.

I’m not saying we should fall down on our knees and thank God that the economy is in the tank.  On the contrary, we should be asking Him to show our leaders the way out (I have some suggestions, but the White House isn’t returning my phone calls).  However, we should be thankful for any diversion which ties up those who simply don’t believe in the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

After yesterday’s encouraging primary results, we now look to November.  Come election day, we’ll know if the Republic is to survive, or continue down the rocky slide into oblivion.  God help us!


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