The Climate Change Liars Hall of Fame

Over 50 years, there have been at least 41 predictions of climate change catastrophe, not one – ONE! – of which has come true.  So, this big lie of the “science is settled” just gets bigger and bigger.  Remember, this is not – NOT – about saving the planet, or making things better.  This is about control and money – NOTHING ELSE!  That’s not to say that there aren’t some true believers out there, though.  Their problem, tnough, is that they’re either deluded or ignorant.  Well, let’s address the ignorant.

If you believe all this hubbub about climate change is true and that we’re doomed, it might be a good idea to understand how all these paragons of scientific truth have either been wrong, or just out and out lied before.

This first link details 27 previous episodes of junk “science”.  Following that are links to the 14 latest ones.  So, don’t be wilfully ignorant.  Learn!!

Click HERE for the first 27

Then, these are the rest (note that some of these are multiple predictions on the same page, but listed here separately):

28 – Overpopulaton

29 – Depleted natural resources

30 – No more oil

31 – No more oil (again!)

32 – Running out of oil

33 – Still running out of oil

34 – Will run out of oil in 2020

35 – Oil diminishing after 2010

36 – Super Hurricanes

37 – Manhattan under water by…4 years ago

38 – Start wearing gas masks in 1985 🙂

39 – All land unusable becasue…nitrogen

40 – Boom! All the fish are dead.

41 – Sci-fi comes true. Killer Bees!!

 So, according to AOC and the rest of the “squad”, we have less than 12 years.  According to that emminent scientist, the 16 year old, it’s already too late.  So, I guess don’t bother going to work tomorrow, right?

Dang, people.  Wake up and quit listening to these people who should all just go work digging ditches or something else useful.


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