Get Ready For This

Remember my short essay on “The myth of regulation”?  Now we know about the “myth of protection”.  We will NEVER be able to escape terrorism until we make it to their advantage not to attack us.  All this crap at the airports is just a “feel-good”measure, and, as we saw Christmas day – ineffective.  All it does is gives the terrorists a victory by tying up our transportation system with stupid half-measures.  This is the primary reason I don’t fly anymore – Not just because I know it doesn’t do any good, but because I just don’t like having to submit to a body search to go from point A to point B!  We’re now to the point where we can’t go anywhere without someone demanding to “see our papers”.  Adolph and Nakita would be proud.

The answer is not in defense, but in offense.  Every arm-chair quarterback knows this.  Unfortunately, those in charge lack a backbone (not to mention a severe shortage of gray matter).

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