Welcome to My Website!

Below you’ll find my latest Blog entry (and maybe a favorite or two), and in the links to the right you’ll find archives of my blogs as well as some essays I’ve written.  There’s a technical section, and a section on Perspectives, as well as some other areas of interest.

In my now 70 years(!) on Planet Earth, I’ve pursued many of my interests, worked in some rewarding positions, traveled all over the United States, and met many interesting people. Some of the things that have held my interest can be further explored in the links section (coming soon).  Either way, I hope you find some things on this site of interest, and possible of use.  Before reading my blog or any of my essays, you might want to see where I’m coming from.  Here’s the link to my perspective:  http://www.bullock.org/category/perspectives.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back often!

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