Get That Wool Away From My Eyes!

OK, I am sick and tired of hearing all the posturing in D.C. over this debt limit debate.  This stuff ain’t rocket science, people, I don’t care what all the “expert” yahoos are saying.


I can stomach Cut, Cap, and Balance, but in the end, if there’s nothing that forces (really forces) Congress and the President to stop spending money they don’t have (and, by the way, they have wayyyyy too much), then nothing will change.  I mean, I’m sick of listening to these guys.  All this talk is designed to pull the wool over our collective eyes, and I for one am not going to be dissuaded.  This garbage about SS checks not going out is just a felonious pack of lies.  They like the little sandbox they’ve created and don’t want to give it up.

Leave the debt limit where it is and deal with it!  We’ll fix the rest after 2012.

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