Yumpin’ Yemini!

I just saw an interview with Michael Chertoff about the recent terrorist incidents originating in Yemen, and he made the statement that Yemen is “..a country that does not have full control of the territory within its own boundaries…”.

Hmmmm….sounds suspiciously like the Southern United States.

Strange how the smartest minds in the world, as the current Administration is not-so-subtle in assessing itself, cannot do basic math (i.e. 2 + 2 = 4).  How long before we have the wisdom to secure our own borders and get sane about illegal aliens (there’s no such thing as illegal immigration!).  Personally I’ll trade “smart” for “wise” any day of the week, and we don’t have very much of the latter in Washington right now.  We do, however, seem to be overstocked in functional idiots.

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