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November 4, 2010

So, I stayed up until 1:30 a.m., and finally gave up on Alaska (still waitin' on that one), and spent yesterday digesting all the ramifications of what America had done on election day. Here are my current thoughts:

1. It is true that America did not vote for Republicans. They voted for the Tea Party. By that I mean that they want all this madness stopped, and they want it reversed. Now, whether they realized that's what the Tea Party wanted or not, that's what America wants.

2. I'm encouraged by Boehner and McConnell (and Rubio as well) expressing their understanding that America is giving their party another chance, and if they don't perform this time, we'll fire them again. I just hope they won't squander it.

3. I'm concerned that freshmen in the Congress will show up to the business-as-usual crowd patting them on the back, promising all kinds of "help", only to co-opt them and turn them into another cookie-cutter group of politicians. These guys are going to need lots of prayer, and lots of reminders that not only do they work for us, but their oath requires the to defend the Constitution and nothing else!!!

4. I want to see:

1. Obamacare gone, or at least crippled until 2012 when it can then be disposed of.

2. The Fair Tax enacted, and the IRS in the same dustbin as the SS and the Gestapo where they belong.

3. The borders secure, and our enemies defeated.

4. I want the FED audited! Maybe it needs to be abolished. Remember, it's not Constitutional!

5. I want the rest of the stimulus returned at least to the treasury, and preferably to the taxpayers

6. Other than that, I want them to sit on their hands and do no further damage

7. It's time to build a fire, stick it under their feet, and keep it stoked.

Look, it took 100 years to get into this mess (although we really started to go downhill in the 1960's, and fell off the cliff in the last few years), and it will take a lot of time, and considerable focus and effort to right the ship. The trust is gone, and I'll never trust these guys again. They have to be constantly forced to do the will of the American People, so we cannot sleep anymore.

Tuesday was just a stage-setting exercise. Now the work begins, and it's ours to do.

Playtime's over Barry.


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