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Bible Inferences

September 29, 2023

(A series of articles on the Bible and details it provides, but doesn't necessarily spell out.)

Reading the Bible is an adventure every time you open it. History, Tragedy, Hope, Love, and of course, Salvation. Every identifiable literary category can be found, and the amazing thing is that it's all true (except where it specifically indicates an allegorical example is being used - e.g. "Parables"). While there are a lifetime of issues to focus on, one issue that has fascinated me are the inferences.

So much information is given, but yet there is much that is not the real focus. Many times this is because the Bible wishes to impart specific information, while at the same time leaving out details not necessary to impart the primary lesson. Many of these specifics were, at the time, more clear to those who first heard it because they understood the context - much of which has been lost in history. This sometimes serves to deny the casual reader deeper contextual understanding, while at the same time imparting the primary information the text was meant to convey. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is really not. As I said, it's an adventure.

What follows are some of the particulars the Bible has not specifically focused on, yet enough information is given that we may infer some things which may also be true. This is not an attempt to add or subtract anything from what the Bible is meant to convey (See the warning in Revelation 22:19!), but to search for a deeper understanding, particularly by inferring what was actually going on "on the ground" at the time the words were written, or at the time being described by the text. In fact, many sermons are preached on this very assumption!

In other words, "given what the Bible is telling us, what would I see if my own eyes if I were there"? These are the things I think about...

Let's Start With This First:

Let's Write A Book!
It's been done once, but never again....

Article 1:

Heaven, Hell, and Paradise
There is a difference between Heaven and Paradise!

Article 2:

In The Beginning Of What?
The "what" in Genesis 1:1

Article 3:

What Happened Before All That Water?
The world's biggest rainstorm

Article 4:

What Did The Apostle John See At The Tomb?
There's more to it than you realized

Article 5:

How Many Antichrists?
There's always one in the wings...

Article 6:

Hey, I Know That Guy!
Was it like looking in a mirror?

Article 7:

The Shortest Verse Has Huge Lessons
It's amazing how much just two words can say

Article 8:

His Love For Us Is Deeper Than You Realize
He knew what we would do from the start

Article 9:

How Can People Be Saved During The Tribulation?
God has a plan...

Article 10:

Jesus In The Old Testament
'Christophony' is the term

Article 11:

She May Have Been More Influential Than We Know
Just ask Nehemiah!

Article 12:

The Bible Tells Us How Big The Earth Really Is
The information is there - you just have to look...

Article 13:

Are We The Apostate Church?
Is the age of Laodicea upon us?

Article 14:

What Week Are We In?
There are 70 of 'em. Where are we now?

Article 15:

The Case For Thursday
The real meaning of Good Friday

Answered Questions:

Will We Keep Our Memories In Heaven?
The mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Will There Be Non-Believers In Heaven?
God has His standards!

Do Animals Go To Heaven?
Wanna see your pal again?

Why Would God Create Humans?
He went to an awful lot of trouble


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