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July 5, 2023

So, let's review the facts:

    1. For the last 100 years, slowly but surely, Congresses, the Presidents, and the Courts, have bit by bit began dismantling the Constitution.

    2. While the 20th Century was young, it was decided that the educational system needed to be taken over by the Federal government. Once that process was started, a companion process began to change the curriculum in such a way that the role of the Founders was de-emphasized, the basic principles on which the country was established were marginalized, and the emphasis changed from preparing young students for life to preparing them for further education.

    3. The Congress, with the consent of the States mind you, made two major changes in the Constitution. First, they made it legal to tax individuals directly on their incomes. Once that was done they put in place a system that made these confiscations before the funds ever reached their rightful owners by deducting it from their paychecks prior to payment. This simple and ingenious process made such confiscations more palatable. Second, they took away the choice of Senators from the State governments and made it a general political process. Once having done this, the government began instituting rules on how elections could be held. When these two major changes were made, the next ingenious step took place: They married these two processes. They created tax-exempt status for entities that promised to stay away from the political process. This powerful incentive was a trap that Churches readily fell into and consequently lost all influence on the national political process. This entire process led to the "Separation of Church and State" Supreme Court ruling that is now bought into almost universally.

    4. With all these changes in place the Federal Government began to creep step by step into everyday life. States were kowtowed by the threat of withholding tax dollars the Feds had confiscated from their own citizens. In the name of safety a well-funded government instituted one-size-fits-all rules on every facet of life from what was in the water to how food could be served. The benefits of such controls became more and more to be offset by the intrusion by the government and the penalties they were more and more imposing on those who refused to live by what the government mandated. This intrusion migrated to almost every facet of life - slowly to be sure so the outrage could be managed - but intrusion nevertheless. Then, in the 6th decade, a powerful politician/President pushed through the master stroke. Under the guise of "eliminating poverty", he set up the most socialistic system ever devised by man - the "Great Society". Trillions of dollars later and poverty is not only still here - it's institutionalized. And pity the poor politician who meddles with all this money and the votes it has bought.

    5. With Churches at bay, seemingly unlimited funding, a political "fix" in place, and educational institutions doubling as indoctrination centers, the slide from Freedom to Tyranny reached its pinnacle when the Supreme Court decreed it was Constitutional to murder human beings before they were physically able to defend themselves - all in the name of "safety" and "privacy" for the would-be mother whom God had designed for just the opposite. Once that abomination was in place, others would become acceptable, and life itself could be snuffed out for any number of reasons, including "death with dignity". Soon, such principles (or lack thereof, actually) assaulted the very basic building block of any society - the family.

    6. The last piece to be put in place, and the basics are already in place, is to protect the government itself from the very citizens who were supposed to be its masters. Tools that could be utilized to keep the government in its place were restricted to government use only, and what tools that are left are more and more restricted for use by the "unwashed masses" - that's us!

Now, all this is demonstrably and historically true, but when presented as I have just presented it, it looks like someone's conspiracy theory. Indeed, there are many out there who vocally present this as just such a conspiracy - and it's possibly true, particularly if you research such things as the "Cloward-Piven Strategy", depending on how much actual planning for all this one thinks might have gone on before now.

But here's where I'm going: What has happened here is a natural process. Governments tend to covet power and are predisposed to gather such power to themselves without any overt planning being required. Our Founders knew this, and agonized on how to design a government that would resist that tendency, and decided to vest as much power as possible in the individual. However, if you read their writings, they knew it was probably not possible to design a system that would forever resist such tyrannical tendencies, but they hoped that, with the processes they'd put in place, the People would stand up and stop it.

Based on where we are now - I'm afraid they were wrong.


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