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August 3, 2011

An explanation and a quote from a freshman GOP congressman on his vote in favor of the debt limit compromise: "...[they] came to support the bill, one born out of listening sessions with leadership, an evolution in understanding the economic consequences of a default and opportunities to vote their priorities on the House floor." And, they say, their leadership was able to make them feel enough like valued members that when the time for tough votes came, they were ready to be team players in lending their support. "I think increasingly we feel a part of a body..."

We didn't send these dang people up there to "be a part of the body". We sent them up there to put a stop to this madness and fix that broken "body", and we've been betrayed. Apparently the pressures to "go along" are just overwhelming, and the necessary backbone only exists in a few people (thank you Michele Bachmann for your "no" vote!!!). They were bullied into believing that not increasing the debt limit was equal to default - a complete and despicable lie! Ask yourself just why the debt limit exists in the first place!

I'm now of the inescapable opinion that Washington is too broken to be fixed from the inside. They've subverted the Constitution on so many levels (a complete violation of their oath of office), and refuse to put Country before self to the point they're, by default, spending us into extinction. The citizenry only gets a chance every 2-4 years to make a difference, and evidently even then it won't "stick". That leaves the States to act, which is almost impossible, and when they do, they're run by the same ilk that's in D.C.

I've consistently said that the best thing that could happen to America is also the worst thing that could happen to America. Is it going to take a catastrophe to wake us up? Evidently. I believe we may have passed the point of no return this week. The disappointment out here is palatable.

Buckle up.


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