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December 2, 2010

We've all seen the recommendations of the so-called Debt Commission, made up of people who were members of the very organization that created the debt, and I've gotta tell you, it's pretty much what I expected. Yes, they talked about reducing spending, but that's just lip service. What their real recommendation amounted to (and you already know this) was to take yet more of our money - increase taxes. Unacceptable!!

Look, believe it or not, I'm all for eliminating all tax deductions, but ONLY if it's because we've eliminated our current tax code (along with the IRS) and enacted the Fair Tax. In doing so, we'd not miss those deductions, because the resulting eliminating of corporate tax would make everything cheaper to produce, resulting in significantly lower consumer prices, and considerable more commerce, which, in turn, means more taxe revenues! But, the idiots in Washington cannot operate a calculator.

No, the fix under our current system is to STOP THE SPENDING!!! Freeze all federal hiring, close unnecessary and ineffective agencies (Dept. of Education - one of the least effective agencies ever created, for example), stop sending money to everyone and his dog (sometimes literally!), and just reduce non-defense spending across the board. Oh, and about the Defense Department - let the guys actually using the equipment decide what they need and don't need, and not some senile Congressman who wants a fat defense contract for his/her district.

The game starts in January. The lame-duckers will only be doing damage for another month, then they're out. We have an opportunity to get some of the new guys to actually work for us for a change. Start letting them know NOW.

So, get to work!!!!


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