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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In a real dirtbag move, Congress has exempted itself and its staffers from Obamacare. Wasn't this supposed to be the great salvation for those of us without health insurance? Wasn't this supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread? As it turns out, Congressional staffers were complaining that it was going to cost them money, and possibly force a mass exodus from government service (which I argue would be a good thing). Gee, Congressmen without minions - heaven forbid!! Even the IRS employees - the snakes in charge of enforcing this mess - didn't want it. So, in typical fashion, Congress changed the rules, once again exempting it from living under the same rules they force on the rest of us. Instead of just repealing this worst-piece-of-legislation-in-history, they just said "hey - not me"!

At what point are we going to get fed up with this??? If history holds true the overwhelming majority of the same elitists who forced this thing on us will be re-elected next year. It is high time we start making some demands of our own. You want back in, Mr. Congressman? Here's the price:

    1. Repeal Obamacare and just don't even think about going down that road a second time

    2. Get rid of the IRS

    3. Quit spending money

There are plenty of other issues we need to address, but these three will cure a host if ills.

Look, there's just nothing more un-American than an elite few "ruling" over the rest of us while at the same time living under a different set of rules. And, just so we're clear, they're all guilty. One courageous Congressman could bring the entire process to a halt, but they're all worried about their own butts.

So, pick up the phone. Call your Congressman and demand these three items. Then, sit down and write a follow-up demanding the same. If a Congressman happens to show up at an event near you, tell them the same in public. Don't let up, and by the time the elections come around, if there's no action, cast your vote for someone else - anyone else - until things change. We hold the ultimate power. It's time we exercised it!!



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