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Good Friday, April 3, 2015

Today, our Savior lay in the grave, dead. To His disciples, Good Friday wasn't so good. They had deserted Him in His greatest hour of need and, instead of being His messengers to the world, were cowering, scared, and not very Christ-like. That's not a criticism - just the way things were. Would any of us have been any different? Nope - we would probably have been worse! Regardless, it was not a "good" day.

Hindisght has the unique ability to change perceptions, erase fears, and add explanation to events that, at the time, seem unexplainable. Now, some 2015 or so years later (depending on whose calendar you believe) we truly can call this "Good" Friday, because we now know a truly mircaculous work was being done. Just as "Jonah was in the whale", Christ, the embodiment of the Creator of the universe, was about to unfold the greatest event in history. He was to reveal how He'd conquered death; and not only that, He'd sacrificed for us all.

Two mornings hence, on a Sunday morning, the stone was rolled away, the body-cast that He'd been wrapped in was hollow, and the disciples and other followers were astonished to discover that He was not just missing - He was risen! The angels announced it to them, and a few days later Jesus Himself appeared to the disciples - holes in His hands and all! When it was all said and done, Friday really did turn out to be "Good". Sunday was even better!!!

I came to my realization that I needed Christ at an early age, and accepted His gift literally as a child. While I've not been entirely faithful to him over the last 50 some-odd years, He has always been faithful to me. I can look back and see His guiding hand, keeping me from disaster, and guiding me through the turbulence I created, always with a plan in mind that I couldn't always see. Had He not been in that grave that Friday, and arisen from it on that Sunday, there would be no need to remember a "Good" Friday, and no need for an "Easter". Millions of our neighbors have yet to grasp the enormity of what He has done for us, simply out of love. Will you join with me this weekend and pray for those masses - our neighbors - that the God who came down in human flesh and paid our penalty will become so real to them they'll have to do something about it?

Happy Good Friday, and Happy Easter!!!


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