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December 31, 2010

Well, 2010 was a banner year.

* Absolutely the worst President in American History (and that's an accomplishment, considering Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter and Wilson!), coupled with...

* the absolute worst Congress ever (another accomplishment, considering the Congresses under Johnson and and Roosevelt).

* The legislation passed and signed could adversely affect our country for generations to come.

* The usurpation of power by the President, contrary to not only the laws on the books, but the Constitution itself, is completely unprecedented and has the potential to unbalance the balance-of-power established by our Founders to the detriment of our country.

* The complete and total mishandling of foreign policy and the military, particularly with the idiotic decision to repeal the so-called "Don't ask, Don't tell" rule, will be difficult to overcome, if we can at all.

* Add to all that the complete and utter failure of the Administration to enforce laws already on the books, particularly in regard to incursion by criminals (a.k.a. "illegal immigrants" - a misplaced term if I ever heard one), and making them defacto citizens will disrupt our infrastructure and our political processes in almost criminal (pun intended) fashions.

* Finally, the astounding misunderstanding of economics, both on a macro and on a micro level, has caused millions to not only be worse off than before the election, but has fostered a negative outlook by almost everyone that in and of itself affects negatively the economy.

In short, almost every decision was wrong.

Thank God for Barack Obama and the Democrats.


You know, if you have a heart stoppage, sometimes the only thing that will start it back is a huge shock to your system. Obama and his ilk have provided exactly that. Many Americans are finding out that you can't just go by what people say, or how well they say it, or how good they look doing it - you have to pay attention to who they really are and what they do. IF we can keep that in mind, and keep this next Congress accountable, we might have a chance to save the Republic, and IF we can continue that mindset for just a little longer, the Obama abomination might just be a 4-year phenomenon that, after the 2012 election, will fade into just a really bad nightmare. Now is an excellent opportunity to decide just who we want to be and who will be in charge of getting us there. Hopefully, there's another Reagan out there, but anything that's better than what we have will do for a start.

There's still much work to do, and it's very possible we have more allies than ever before, so instead of making New Years resolutions you'll only break two weeks later, do some thinking about who we want to be. Deciding what you want to do before you decide who you want to be is always a mistake! Make your walk with your Creator a priority; pray; pay attention; demand accountability (starting with yourself!); and we might just survive this.

So, despite all the bad news and the monkeys running our government right now - Happy New Year! There is still reason to celebrate!!!


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