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February 21, 2011

If you buy into the lie that Conservatives "drove the car into the ditch" during the Bush Administration, then taking that metaphor to its logical conclusion, the Obama Administration has doused the car with gas, set it on fire, and rolled it off a cliff! They claim we "want the keys back". Yep - we wanted to drive it out of the ditch. However, union organizers (related to "community organizers") are now attacking the burning car with explosives, and if they succeed, there won't be a car left to drive!

It has been decades of so-called "progressive" policies that have brought us to this point, including the crash of 2008, and by putting more progressives in critical decision-making positions, we have compounded the problem to the point that recovery will not only be difficult, but extremely painful. What is happening in Wisconsin right now is just the tip of the iceberg. It is time we stood up and made the hard decisions we should have made decades ago, realizing the Federal Government was never meant to be what it has tried to become.

As has been pointed out before, we outnumber them, and it's time we stood up and reasserted our rights. I'm sick and tired of letting the 10% tell the 90% what to do. We chipped away at the problem in November, but there is a lot left to do. We can no longer leave the selection of our elected officials to party hacks, insiders, or "professionals". If we want the country back, we'll have to take it. Tea-party-like groups need to be supported. Find like-minded individuals, express your opinions to everyone you know, and let's get this country back on track.

Ground zero right now is Wisconsin. Next month, it might be your home town. Be prepared to stand for what you believe in the face of vociferous opposition. America can still be saved, but only if we want it bad enough. As we celebrate the birthday of our first President, remember the struggle he went through to give us a free republic. We can do no less!


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