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Published on Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Well, once again Mississippi shows the rest of the world just how stupid we can be when we really try. Cochran has now admitted that it took 35,000 Democratic votes in the Republican Primary to help him hold on to power, and he got a lot of financial help from his power-hungry friends, including the other Senator from Mississippi, Roger Wicker. People, it is wayyyyy past time for a revolution against the power-hungry interests that infest our government at all levels. So what if Cochran will be in a position of influence in the next Congress? THAT'S WHAT WORRIES ME!!! I'd rather have no influence than bad influence. The country is on the brink of collapse just because of people like Cochran spending like drunken sailors, so I will NOT be voting for Cochran, even if that means Travis Childers wins in November. If McDaniel doesn't run as an independent, I'll be writing his name in.

Now, just so we're clear here, I don't think the sun rises and sets on McDaniel, but when we have a qualified candidate that espouses the same things we believe in, and he's running against an incumbent that's not only been in office since Moses was a little boy but has obviously, based on his voting record, been co-opted by the forces of compromise to the extent he even voted for Obamacare to go forward (sure, it was a cloture vote, but defeating cloture would have killed it!), then it's time to exercise the good sense God gave us and enact term limits from the ballot box.

Tuesday we were poised to do that. But Cochran cares more about hanging on to power than fulfilling his oath of office, so he pulled a real stinker and invited the enemy into the camp.

Absolutely despicable!!! You want to know why I'm not a Republican? Now you know. Neither of the political parties can be trusted. So, just say "no".


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