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December 5, 2010

I've been all over the place on this WikiLeaks thing. At first, I was among those calling for Assange's head on a pole, but lately I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, a government has some right to secrecy and to its own security, so most certainly the PFC (what's a PFC doing with that kind of access?) should fry, but I think there's a bigger picture here.

There's a great opinion piece by Diana West in today's World Net Daily that makes a greater point. If we're so concerned with our security, then why's the border not secure? Why are we so cozy with Pakistan, Syria, China, and for that matter, why is CAIR not a terrorist organization?

Nope, some of our "elites" were embarrassed. Big fat hairy deal. As a matter of fact, maybe there should be more leaking. Embarrass them enough, maybe they'll be driven from office and we can put somebody in there with actual competency.

Julian Assange is his own worst enemy. Now he's basically blackmailing the U.S. Government (and others) by releasing encrypted unredacted documents that contain even more information, but not releasing the access password necessary to read those documents as long as the Government leaves him alone. I wouldn't be surprised to find a hole in his head about the size of a .45 in the not too distant future. Not smart.

IF we were prosecuting our foreign policy as we should, and IF we were actually interested in our national security, and IF we had any competency in Washington, WikiLeaks would not be in the news, and we wouldn't have gate-rape at our airports.

It's all a sick joke.


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