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Friday, May 10, 2013

Just like in Watergate in the early 70's, and Clinton/Lewinski in the 90's, the truth is coming out on the Benghazi affair, and as expected, lies are stacked upon lies. Mark Alexander has a great article in today's Patriot Post Digest about this and all should read it.

So, now that we're beginning to find the actual truth about what happened in Libya last year, what lessons can we begin to gleam from these revelations? Well, the first thing I can think of is that we need a competent Administration in Washington - one that would immediately put people like Gregory Hicks back into a position of responsibility. Hicks is one of the men who told the truth to Congress this week, and because of his willingness to put what's right for America ahead of his career, was summarily demoted. Knowing that Hillary was in charge at the time in the State Department, it's a wonder he's not saying "hello" to Vince Foster right about now!

Another thing we know about is the campaign ad that the Republican National Committee pulled at the last minute in last year's election depicting Clinton as receiving the actual 2:00 a.m. phone call she pounded on Obama about in the 2008 election. The 2008 version was a campaign ad, but the one she received from Hicks last year was real. What did she do? Nothing - just like her boss.

I've advocated for a long time that Conservatives need to get in the game and give as good as they get. The great thing about this is we don't need to lie, or even to shade the truth, because the HAVE the truth! The problem is that we just don't tell it forcefully enough. Far too long we've let liberals, so-called moderates, and, even worse, RINOs (or, more accurately CINO's - Conservatives in Name Only) berate us into not being as forceful as we should.

The truth is that Americans crave leadership. They crave people who will stand straight, tell the truth, and not back down. Remember Joe Wierzbicki - a.k.a Joe the Plumber? He had the courage to stand up to Obama in his front yard and not back down. I have a lot of respect for Joe the Plumber, and read his mailing list posts often. There was another Joe - Joe Wilson - who you may remember blurted out "You lie!" during the President's address to Congress - and in doing so simply telling the truth. He apologized. Now, why I can understand apologizing to the Congress for disrupting the proceedings, he should not apologize for telling the truth - The President lies!!

People, if we don't stand, nobody will. The left is determined and unafraid. They don't mind telling lies because they know if they told the truth Americans would have them all committed for being insane (liberalism is, after all, a mental illness!). We, however, not only have the truth on our side, but we have all their lies to pick from! What should be a bonanza is just a political farce.

Now, it's no secret we can't depend on our Senators and Representatives to stand for the truth because, after all, they're politicians - not an honorable profession. Would to God we had Statesmen! No, it's up to you and me, and everyone we can influence, to stand for the truth. The Bible tells us "the truth shall set you free". That has been the lesson of history. So the question now becomes:

Do you really want to be free???



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