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Monday, October 28, 2013

Charles Krauthammer, who I have a lot of respect for, told Jon Stewart in a recent interview that Republicans should admit there have been some liberal successes, and he named Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare as examples. Liberal successes? Please!

Social Security is a bad deal. If you'd taken the money you and your employer (which was also your money!) paid into SS and invested it in anything with even a modest return you'd easily be a millionaire by 50. Medicare and Medicaid are the primary drivers of the huge cost increases in health care costs, and are among the primary drivers in our national debt. Government social programs always make things worse and eventually suck up the resources from everything else. Just look at the so-called "war on poverty". After 40+ years of confiscating trillions from working people and redistributing it to those who don't work, we now have a hugely expensive program that has actually made the problem worse and is all but politically impossible to stop.

Here's the thing: Common sense and history tell you socialistic programs don't work, and facts and history will not be denied. Eventually these programs grow and either devour all available resources bringing down even the mightiest, or common sense prevails and they are dismantled - but only after having stolen precious resources from those whose work ethic made such resources available to the thieves! It is best to never put government in the position of being enabled for thievery in the first place. Obamacare is the latest example and could likely be the vehicle that will finish our trip over the cliff. We now have a $17 trillion debt and over $100 trillion in obligations with no turnaround possible given the current political climate. There's no place else to go except over the cliff.

It's time to wake up people!

Reagan said it best. The solutions are simple but they are hard. Do we do the hard things and possibly survive, or look for complicated solutions like Obamacare and cease to exist? History says the latter and, unfortunately so does politics!


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