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August 1, 2011

OK, just so we all understand what our "public servants" are about to vote on...

The current deal offers a $1 trillion cut over 10 years in exchange for adding $2.4 trillion spending increase this year. Only in Washington can that be called a fair deal. On top of that, it promises an additional $1.5 trillion in over-10-years cuts if a bi-partisan (oxymoron) committee can come up with them before the end of December. If not, automatic cuts kick in, many of which will gut our nations defense. And, on top of all that, the liberals could refuse to reauthorize the so-called Bush tax cuts next year, which will result in a tax increase. Sneaky, eh?

Now, I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks that's a good deal by any measure is seriously insane. What is it about Washington that as soon as you get there, you begin losing brain cells?

One more thing. Standard & Poor's made it clear over the weekend that if they downgrade our national credit rating, it won't be because we couldn't strike a deal to raise the debt ceiling. It'll be because of the massive amount of debt we refuse to deal with.

We need to reiterate one more time for those with limited learning ability - refusing to raise the debt ceiling will force the government to not spend money they don't have. That, by definition, is an actual cut.

Man, I'm sick of this...


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