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July 15, 2010

Well, the Health Care bill was so large no one with a bad back could carry it, and the number of Federal Agencies it created buried the previous record set by Roosevelt (see this link: That was bad enough.

Now comes the un-American liberals in Congress (and yes, I totally question their understanding of the Constitution and their devotion to protecting and preserving it) who passed the Financial Reform Bill, a behemoth of 390,000 words (half the size of the King James Bible, which evidently they're trying to replace piece by piece). While it's too early to gauge the full effect this will have on our economy, one thing is for certain. Our government, in just these two pieces of legislation (HC and Financial Reform) has grabbed more power, limited more freedoms, and subverted more of the Constitution than all other Administrations combined.

Folks, this is a dangerous bunch, and they have another 6 months in power before anything can be done, if then. Those who don't fear for their country now are either complicit in its imminent demise, or are so far asleep that medical intervention may be required.

It's time to call in all your chits, gather the neighbors together, call all your friends and acquaintances in other locales and impress on everyone the vital importance of KICKING ALL THESE GUYS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!

God Help Us - P L E A S E !


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