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Friday, October 18, 2013

OK, so the Republicans reverted to form and stabbed us in the back, but that was expected. I always thought it was a long shot for Obamacare to be slowed down by Republicans in Congress, so I'm not entirely surprised. However, here's what you need to know about Obamacare: First, it was designed to fail. The "Progressives" [sic] all along have wanted a single-payor system (the government - meaning us) but they knew that wasn't politically possible because even low-information voters would recognize that as complete socialism. So, they designed this system with metrics that were impossible to achieve. For this system to even have a fighting chance at working (which, of course, it doesn't have in even the most optimistic outlook over time) 300 thousand were forecasted to sign up in the first month. The best numbers we have (and they're coming from the Insurance companies because the Obama Administration won't say) are about 56,000 max - and these people didn't actually sign up - they were just able to get to the site and gawk at the costs. Deleware has one sign-up. ONE! Add to that a $300-million POC website that doesn't work, and there's no way for this to work. But, and this is a big but, even those who can get through the website don't want the product they find because it's too high.

So, ask yourself this question: If I can't afford insurance now, what makes you think I can afford insurance at higher rates than before ACHA???

Bottom line: The system is DESIGNED to fail. Once it implodes, the Obama Administration and the Democraps will come out with a "plan" to fix Obamacare: Let the government do it. Presto-chango, single-payor health care done in a way that would make Adolf proud.

America, you're being played for fools...and, apparently we're buying it. How does it feel to be a fool, huh???


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