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Election Day + 1 - Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"I went to bed last night thinking we've lost the country" - Rush Limbaugh

I understand Rush's frustration. But you know what? When I woke up this morning, I asked myself a question: "What is different this morning from yesterday morning"? Think about it. The President was Barack Obama, the Republicans controlled the House, and the Democrats had a non-filibuster-proof control on the Senate. This morning - same thing. The worst thing that happened was that we missed an opportunity, and we learned that we have much work to do. No change there. So, the question to be asked is "OK - so what are we going to do about it"?

Well, the short answer is "Don't give up - Don't back down!". The one thing you have to give liberals is that they stand for their positions no matter what the opposition. They really should be embarrassed because they're wrong on so many points, but delusion evidently runs deep, and they seem to have lost the ability to be embarrassed! We should stand fast for what we believe and not waver when others attack and make fun of our beliefs. Being laughed at by idiots is a good thing!

Here's another principle. Ask yourself a question: "What would happen to my community if my church disappeared tomorrow?" Would people go hungry? Would it be harder to get a job? Would it even be noticed by many in your local community? Over the last 100 years, the liberals/progressives have waged a successful campaign to make the local church irrelevant. The government has taken over areas that used to be fertile areas for churches to have an impact, and the church has let them do it! Additionally, years ago the church made a dirty little deal with the government to stay out of politics if the government wouldn't make them pay taxes. These efforts are now bearing fruit, and little of what the church says or does in the local community has an impact any more. Most churches are there for 3 hours a week with some food thrown in every so often. Not exactly what Jesus had in mind when he said "On this rock I will build my church". Our churches should be working together to make the government irrelevant when it comes to our local communities. We seem to do really great when a disaster comes, but once the fuss dies down, we go back inside our doors and shut them tight. Maybe that needs to change!

Finally, national policy issues are important, but the real change needs to be person to person. Know what you believe and why you believe it. Know the truth. If you don't, insist on help! This is another place where the local church could help. Maybe it's time we start having discussions in our churches on public policy - economics, foreign policy, immigration issues, environmental issues, and yes, political campaigns and their effect on all these issues - and educate ourselves so when we engage those outside our churches, we'll have a knowledge base from which to work. Nobody does this now. Why not? Do we just not care? Or, are we just afraid of expressing our opinions. If we cannot discuss these issues in our churches, then where? In bars? Our beliefs should drive our politics, not the other way around!!!

Look, politically there's hope. The Congress is not "owned" by any one political party, and the voters yesterday evidently like it like that, so it's possible to still address issues concerning our country. Sure, we missed an opportunity to reverse the downward trend, and yes, that may result in economic difficulties, but the truth is that without a leadership with strong beliefs and unwavering resolve, things were not going to get much better anyway - and there was no one up for national office yesterday with those attributes.

But politics is not really the answer. Our national leadership is just a reflection of who we are as a nation. As it turns out, we are a confused people, so the solutions will not come from Washington. No, we have to get our act together here at home before anything in Washington will change. What we got yesterday was just what we asked for. Feelings over substance, fiction over truth, and short term solutions to long term problems. We must stand for the truth, no matter how hard that makes the solutions. The solutions we seek generally are simple, but they're hard. So, are we up to the task?

Might I suggest we try looking up instead of east, preferably from a kneeling position.



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