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January 10, 2014

30 years ago "scientists" used the Polar Vortex as evidence of global cooling. NOW, they're using the same Polar Vortex as evidence of global warming! What's the deal? Well, it's all about two things: Money and control. Whatever issue the politicians are currently using (or, more accurately CAN use) in attempts to control people, they will throw money in the hands of eager "scientists" to "research" the issue-de-jour. Let's face it: I don't trust any scientist I don't know personally because for decades now they've all been for sale.

If you remember your high-school science, there used to be such a thing as the Scientific Method - a set of procedures that were designed to let the evidence speak for itself, and where you would follow the evidence wherever it led you, even if it was the opposite of what you expected. No longer. Now "scientists" stake out a position (many times based on funding available, ideology, or more likely, both), and drive the research to prove that position. That's not science - that's ideological advocacy.

Unfortunately, medicine has followed suit, and many "Doctors" now practice "percentage medicine" where if the symptoms fit into a particular slot, then that's what you have - no further tests necessary. I actually had a "Doctor" tell me one time I had arthritis when all I had was an injured joint, because (a) that's the slot the symptoms fit into, and (b) he'd recently been diagnosed with arthritis, so surely I had the same thing.

OK, so what's my point? Just because someone has years of college and wears a white suit doesn't make them smart. You have to think for yourself. These people are just tools, and nowadays it's more and more dangerous to take them at their word, particularly when they're being paid by people with an agenda.

Personally I believe science died when Darwin's theory began to be accepted as fact. The downward spiral of the scientific method has led us to Al Gore. It's just that simple!


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