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September 12, 2011

Last week, President Obama made probably one of the best speeches I've heard him make.

Even though his head appeared again to be on a swivel as he shuffled between the teleprompter screens, and that he felt repeating the same phrase over and over again as though we were in kindergarten, the speech had meat on it. Taken apart from the experience we have with his administration, and what we already know about the man and those who surround him, there was hope to be had. I therefore reserved my judgment until I could read the actual bill (which purportedly actually exists this time) and see exactly what they were proposing, and how they were proposing to find the cuts to pay for it, and maybe even be able to support parts if not all of it as a stop-gap measure.

Well, today, before the bill is even posted on the White House website, the Obama Administration took careful aim and shot themselves squarely in the foot. You can forget about cuts in current spending programs to pay for new initiatives. Nope, they're going to take the money from us. Specifically, they're going to confiscate more funds from the very people who create the jobs, and instead put it into the red-tape monster so the desk-jockeys in Washington can get their hands on it.

I guess I'll never learn. I gave the man a chance, and he stomped on it. Barack Obama either has not a clue, or he does, and in this case, both are dangerous.

IF he has a clue, it's about how to further impede our economy and lead us into chaos where he and his minions can use the "emergency" to further turn us into the socialistic model that has failed everywhere it's been tried. In such a case the pathalogical narcissist in him and in those around him just know that it's failed everywhere else because they weren't in charge.

IF he's clueless, then we're doomed to at least the status quo until 2013, and it's very possible things will worsen on their own, what with so much government in the way already.

Here's the point: You cannot take money from the people who create jobs and give it to people who don't and expect this economy to work. It's already been tried to the tune of $1 trillion. If that didn't do the trick, another $500 billion sure won't, and now our economy is barely functioning on the debt these yahoos have already run up.

Congress - just forget it. Do what you can to keep the economy from tanking, but it's clear that nothing coming from the White House will be anything but destructive, so just say no. It's a shame there's no better answer, but the wrong people are in charge, and unless you're willing to convene a constitutional convention and reorganize the entire federal government, you'll have to wait for the next election cycle.

The real problem here is it's our foot they shot, and I'll guarantee you they'll try to blame us for being in the same room with a loaded gun!



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