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September 13, 2010

Keynesian Economics has been the economic blueprint for progressives for three quarters of a century now, and has been put into overdrive by the Obama Administration. Basically, Keynesians believe that government intervention in the marketplace is not only necessary, but is preferable to a completely free marketplace. Many people, particularly those who lived through the Great Depression and its aftermath, might agree, though they might not realize that it was this government intervention that made the Great Depression 'Great' in the first place.

So, comes 2008, and the election of a President who fills his positions with Keynesian evangelists, and the election of a sympathetic Congress and we, almost overnight, transition from a somewhat free marketplace to almost the complete opposite. The result? If we last until the 2012 elections, it will be a miracle of the first order. We're not just $1.3 trillion in the hole (that's just the budget deficit) - we're on the hook for over $100 trillion, all of which can be laid at the feet of the Keynesians! Our economy is in a shambles, unemployment is high and not subsiding, the Government has seized 1/6th of the economy, destroyed investment, and failing on all fronts to "rescue" the economy, they just want do to more of the same (remember the definition of "insanity"?). As a result we've dug a hole so deep there.s no evident means of escape, and we don't have a backup plan. We're worse off than those miners in Chile - at least they have a plan!

So, it's time to declare the death of Keynesian economics, and rid our government of economists who can espouse the most esoteric economic theories, but don't understand basic arithmetic (or, apparently, how to use TurboTax). The free marketplace needs to be restored, and the government put back in its place as the protector of our freedoms, not the usurper of them. It is time for government "Of, by, and for the people" to return. This won't happen overnight, and the risk is high (remember that hole?), but with Providential help, anything is possible. John Maynard Keynes died in 1946. Would to God his theory would have died with him! Let's kill it now!!!!!


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