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April 15, 2013

You'd expect me to talk about taxes on a day like this, and I will, but what's been on my mind lately are the attacks by our own government against it's own citizens. So, let me start with that, and I'll attack taxes last...

The States insisted on certain protections in the Constitution before they'd ratify it, and the result are the first 10 amendments, appropriately known as the "Bill of Rights". Did you ever wonder why they were presented in the order they were? The reason is simple: They presented them in the order of their importance. Ask yourself this question: What are the first things tyrants eliminate or severely limit to enslave their country's citizens? Speech and the ability to protect oneself from oppression. Now, I think the only time there was a room full of more intelligent people than when our Founders crafted the Constitution is when Christ was assembled with His disciples - and truth be know, that would have been true if His disciples had not been there - but I digress. I do, however, believe that the First and Second Amendments should have switched places.

We live in a day when we are under constant attack by the very people we elected to represent us, and who all swore an oath to protect the very Constitution they are now trying to shred. Even those from our own state, one of the most conservative in the nation, are wavering, and that's what's so scary. I don't know if we have failed miserably in educating our citizens on what freedom actually is and what it takes to preserve it (which, of course, we have!), or if we've allowed our representatives to become a ruling class with their own agendas where their own positions and power have superseded their obligations to those who elected them in the first place. Actually, both are the case, and it's the perfect storm for tyranny.

The truth is, that all the other protections in our Constitution are dependent upon our ability to keep our government honest, which means that the entire Constitution ultimately depends upon the protection provided by the Second Amendment. In other words, the Second Amendment is not about hunting or "home protection". Those are just by-products. The Second Amendment is about tyranny, and our protection from it - pure and simple. Now, that tyranny may come from the outside, as in World War II, or it may come from the inside, as from DHS, FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, and the Congress/President/Courts that spawned all these three-letter dangers.

However, we cannot diminish the importance of the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment. Without the ability to speak up, to assemble, and to tell our own government just what we think, utilizing our Second Amendment rights would be hard as well, so I'll give the Founders kudos for getting the first two right! And, when you think about it, our Founders, almost to a man, understood that without our faith in our Creator, and the fact that our rights are given by Him, and NOT the government, we'd have doomed ourselves earlier. Our retreat from God is, in fact, the real reason we're in the mess we're in. A faithful people would never have allowed this in the first place!

Recently our own Senator voted to allow debate on a measure to further erode our rights under the Second Amendment. Here's a question: Why would you even allow a debate on a measure whose purpose is to limit our freedom? That, in and of itself, is a violation of the Oath of Office!!! Now, you can give all the excuses you want ("the Senate's job is to deliberate", etc.) but the fact is that passage of a measure, no matter how watered down, infringes (and that's the Constitutionally-operative word here) on our rights to keep and bear arms. So why would even want to debate that? Just say "NO!", and move on. I am truly saddened, offended, and extremely disappointed at how men who once were staunch supporters of our rights would allow themselves to be swayed. If there ever was an example of the need for term limits - here it is!

Now - taxes. This is easy.

The IRS is a criminal enterprise where we are presumed guilty and must prove ourselves innocent. The fact that you are forced to sign a document every April 15th that carries with it the penalty of perjury is tyrannical in and of itself. The Founders did not allow taxation the way it is being done now, and would all be horrified at what we've allowed to take place for the last 100 years. On this, the 100th anniversary of the income tax, I would hope to convince as many people as possible that we should repeal the 16th amendment and raise revenues another way. Might I suggest the Fair Tax, which raises revenue the fair way, and in a way that is Constitutionally faithful.

We are in perilous times, people. Wake up and do something!!!!

Karl Bullock


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