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April 4, 2011

My initial assessment of Barack Obama was that he was a pathological narcissist. While I stand by that assessment, as we get deeper into his first term, we find there are other contributing factors that will, when history is finally and honestly written, determine his presidency to have been even worse than both Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.

In the first place, he was so sure he had all the answers he didn't even bother to verify it with past similar events. He just knew his personality would transcend idealogical barriers, that history didn't matter, and that by simply showing up, problems would be solved. Apparently the only people he fooled were on the Nobel Prize committee!

To illustrate, all we need do is look at the latest developments.

1. Today we find out that he's going to have Khalid Sheik Mohammad tried in...(drum roll)...a military tribunal! Isn't that the guy we had a confession from and were about to convict in a military tribunal when he pulled the government's case and threw it out in favor for a civilian court trial that turned out to be impossible? I thought so.

2. He fiddles while the middle-east burns and finally takes a barely-aggressive stand against Khaddafi in Libya and for...who exactly? While I'm no fan of Mohamar, at least we know who he is. After shooting down some planes and tanks in a no-fly zone (who knew tanks could fly?) in support of the rebels, he decided to send some CIA folks (apparently not wearing boots) to Libya to find out "who the rebels were". Isn't that something you'd want to know before getting involved? Meanwhile, his middle-east policy seems to be "anybody but Israel" - the only functioning democracy in the region. Real smart there, Barry.

3. After being forced to terminate his communist "Green Technology" czar (another unconstitutional office) a while back, in response to an accident in the Gulf, he terminates oil drilling permits for an indefinite period of time. When a judges says he can't do that, he performs an end-run around the court (Constitution? Just a detail...) only to find out that, by gum, oil prices are not determined by him! Now he says he wants to produce more oil, but not here - "in South America"! And all this time I thought he was our president. Remember, when Bush was president, he announced the relaxing of oil drilling rules here, and the price immediately went down - years before we could have produced any oil - so don't give me any of this "it'll take 5 years" garbage.

4. After he and his wayward Democratic buddies in the Congress pass a sweeping Health Care bill that essentially takes over 1/6th of the American Economy unconstitutionally, he is surprised to find out it doesn't work in real life. So far more than 1000 "waivers" have been issued, and one of his Congressional stalwarts, Anthony Weiner (you just can't make up names like that) is asking for a waiver for New York - and he'll probably get it. The Constitution? Just a detail...

5. He says he wants to pay the deficit down, but refuses any meaningful cuts to federal spending. How exactly does that work? He could raise taxes, but he probably wants to get re-elected, so he'll just print more money. In a historically-challenged move, we're already buying our own debt in a scheme that makes Bernie Madof sweat, but hey, he's Obama. It'll work out!

These are just the latest! This administration is littered with failures so badly that the only success we might be able to point to is his improving golf score.

When Barack Obama was elected, many said he was an "empty suit". Well, that was close. Instead, what we find is he's just like the emperor who strutted about showing off his new clothes until a small boy, who evidently hadn't been very well educated, pointed out that the emperor was naked. Well, our emperor-in-chief isn't pointing out his clothing, but he sure likes to tout his superior understanding and grasp of the issues, as well as his detailed plans for fixing all the woes that befall our nation, many of which he brought with him. I get the feeling if these were his clothing, that small boy might still have a point.

By the way, you can add "transparent" to the list of words so-called progressives have ruined - right up there with "gay", "investment", and "extreme", among others. I fear it won't be too long before the word "American" can be added to that list!


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