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April 15, 2010

The date was December 16th. They were members of a secret society, fiercely in opposition to the government, and determined to force the issue and ramp up the rebellion. That night they perpetrated one of the most famous acts of rebellion in history, something we still celebrate today. They were the Sons of Liberty, and the year was 1773 - three years before our Declaration of Independence. By throwing all the tea on 3 East India Company ships into Boston Harbor, they defied the Empire, and their acts soon led to the battle cry that freed a nation: "No Taxation Without Representation"!

Today, we face the same problem, only the Empire is on our own shores, and the enemies are men and women we elected and put in place. However, they're not representing us (haven't been for decades), and now they've cost us all dearly. Want examples? The average American's salary is $50,000, so adjust for your own situation. Here are the costs per taxpayer making $50K of these highly unpopular current programs:

* $409 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (that not only didn't relieve anything, but has ended up being a gigantic slush fund for the Secretary of the Treasury who can't even get his personal taxes right). You're share this year? $177.78. At least we're getting some of this back.

* $389 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a debacle caused entirely by Congress, who then blamed it on everyone including Santa Claus. You're share: $634.45.

* $862 billion 2009 Economic Stimulus Package that stimulated nothing, and we'll not get a penny of this back. You're share: $1,405.90. I bet you're stimulated now!

Now, just so things are in perspective, our prevaricator-in-chief laid out his lack of a plan for NASA today, eliminating another trip to the moon for indeterminate goals (gee, what a planner). NASA, regardless of how it's mission has been sometimes mismanaged, is the only government program to ever return more than was invested, and catapulted our nation into the technology age. Obama eliminated the Constellation program, which was wildly popular, and doomed us to a no-plan-in-site strategy. Citing the need to be "smart" about our money, he eliminated a major program which only cost us $5.65 each. Compared to the above, it is painfully obvious we are not being represented.

Folks, it's time to ramp up the effort and replace the entire Federal Government with a smaller, smarter one.

Today you paid your taxes, but you'll work several months more to make up the difference between what we've paid the government, and what we get to keep for ourselves. Two thirds of every dollar you make goes to some kind of tax. That is just plain stupid.


* Vote out every current member of Congress

* Insist we eliminate the 16th Amendment, and abolish the IRS

* Go to either a flat sales tax, or the "Fair Tax" (also a flat tax), and eliminate all other taxes, including all corporate, all withholding, FICA, and other direct taxes on income.

* Keep yourself informed and keep a check on these morons in government

We made the mess, and we can clean it up. Time to ramp up the action.


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