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Dear Hollywood

November 10, 2000

(Written following the election of George W. Bush in November 2000, when Hollywood celebrities complained the majority - the 51% who elected Bush - were "confused")

Dear Hollywood:

We fully understand your frustration. Eight years ago, when Bill Clinton was elected president, we felt that same frustration, only to turn to unbelief when he was reelected four years later. There might have even been a few of us who secretly wished there was somewhere else to go. But, like the patriotic Americans we are, we got up the next morning, went to work, and did the best we could trudging through the next eight miserable years. You see, in our eyes, Bill Clinton did more harm to the fabric of this country than any preceding American President, yet we realized that there was a higher Power who was working through a master plan which none of us could understand, and placed our faith in Him, and in our great country, to survive. Then came George W. Bush. While he was not the perfect choice, he was a breath of fresh air, and someone who once again brought some modicum of dignity to the oval office. Now, though, the tables have turned, and the majority of us has voted to reelect a president we believe was by far the best of the two.

There are those of the other side who have expressed extreme dismay at this choice, and have even vocally talked of leaving America for a different place. The majority of these seem to be from the cadre of entertainers whose headquarters is in Hollywood, so it is this small group to which we speak. To them we say: "Go!" For some reason you believe that because you have the ability to turn into someone else for a few minutes, or the ability to make others laugh or sing along, that you have a political pulpit from which you preach to the rest of us. Well, there's something you need to understand. We will pay money to watch you act, or hear you tell jokes, or sing, but don't misconstrue that as any acceptance of your lifestyle. We know that most of you have compromised on the moral codes accepted by the rest of us for the fame and fortune the entertainment industry provides. Many of you have literally sold your souls for this "acceptance". You need to know that we understand this, and reject it ourselves. We do not want the values you espouse, because they are antithetical to the values we hold ourselves. Thus, while we'll pay to see you, we won't pay attention to you. So, if you think there's a better place, then find it and go. We'll still watch you antics, but that's all.

Of course, you could choose the freedom of morality, something the rest of us understand instinctively. If you're willing to consider that change, there are millions of us who will be glad to assist you. Otherwise, you're on your own.


The "confused" 51 percent


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