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"Do animals go to heaven?"

Heaven is where souls go upon the death of a Believer. Heaven is the abode of the Father and the angelic hosts, and where we and our physical bodies will be reunited. But, it is not our permanent destiny. We are told in the Bible that when Christ returns to earth, we will accompany Him, and rule with Him in the Millennial Reign - here on the physical earth. Then, once a final period of grace has occurred for those born since the Rapture, this earth passes away, and another perfect, physical place is prepared (the "New Earth" spoken of in Revelation) for us where we'll spend eternity.

Given those destinations, and the apparent fact they are physical in nature (we were created to be spiritual AND physical beings), I see no reason for pets we've had here on earth to be utterly destroyed - and such is the love of the Father, a strong case can be made for a reunion at some point. Of course, those human loved ones who have gone before will be our primary reunion, but our life there will be perfect, so why not also have Fluffy as well? :)

None of this matters, though, if you've not placed your trust and faith in Christ. I can assure you your pet will not be at the alternate destination!!


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