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We know from the Revelation, that there is a world leader in the End Times that Jesus called the "Antichrist". Only the Apostle John1 uses the word translated as Antichrist to describe this final evil leader, but from the context of both the prophesies of Jesus and the prophesies given to John in Revelation, we know that this particular Antichrist will come to power during the Great Tribulation. Jesus tells us there are several Antichrists, some that were alive during His time. What does all this mean?

To see how Satan is working in the world, let's go back to Jesus' words in Matthew and Mark2 where Jesus tells the disciples that no one in Heaven or Earth, other than God Himself, knows when the events of the Tribulation will start. Jesus said even He didn't know. However, when we read the prophecies and read the events in Revelation, it is obvious that Satan has the final Antichrist waiting in the wings. So, how did Satan know when this would all start?

He didn't! Only God knows when the Tribulation will begin, so Satan has been in waiting since the ascension of Christ, and has had an Antichrist he would vault to power waiting in every generation. Have you ever heard that so-and-so is the Antichrist (whether he be a political, military, or religions leader)? Well, he could be!

All down through history Satan has tried to eradicate the Hebrews from the earth, and has persecuted Christ's followers at every opportunity. The Romans and the Germans had probably the best shot at it, but they failed because their "Antichrist" (e.g. Caesar, or Hitler) was not the Antichrist. So, right now, Satan has an Antichrist ready to swoop in and assume the final Antichrist when and if the Tribulation begins during his lifetime.

So, be careful who you call The Antichrist. He might just be!

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    2 Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32,


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