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"In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

When you think about the nature of God, several things come to mind. First, God is eternal. The Bible tells us He has no beginning and no end. Second, He is spirit, not made of flesh and blood. However, He did come to us as flesh and blood. So, what's up with that? The simple explanation is that Jesus was God representing himself as a human being. He was fully God, and yet fully Man. But, Jesus Himself told us that "no man has seen God". God cannot be contained in a human body, but He can fully occupy a human body, and that's exactly what He did in the person of Jesus.

As wondrous and unexplainable as that is, though, it seems to both leave us further from who God is, and bring us closer at the same time. He represented Himself in the person of Christ, the human incarnation of the infinite God, and in doing so showed us that He both knows, and has experienced, the same emotions, pain, joy, and truly human experience that we do. Did He not already know that? Of course He did, but by doing so physically, He explicitly identified with us not only as the infinite Creator, but as a human. Just as God allowed Himself to encase a measure of Himself in a human body, He also voluntarily limited Himself in all the physical elements He had created for us. He wanted us to know that in every human experience, He understood what we feel.

So, with that in mind, consider these:

    God is not limited by a physical body.
    God is not limited by a physical place.
    God is not limited to a definable space.
So, while we have already discovered He is eternal, He is also unlimited.

Here's the inference here: If God is unlimited, then He had to create limitations. What is the first limit he created as simply stated in Genesis 1:1? The answer is Time. Space and distance are all mathematically related (math, being very high on the list of "firsts"), and require "time" for them to make any sense. Dimension cannot exist without space and time. So when the Bible says "In the beginning", the first "beginning" was "time". From that, everything else came into being: Space. Distance. Matter. All the things we experience every day (which itself is a measure of time) were a result of God creating the concept of "time", but He still exists without any such limitations.

Thus, before creating matter, He created the concept of time. From there He created the "Construct" that is the physical universe we all live in and experience every moment of our existence!

So, In the Beginning of what? In the Beginning of time!


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