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"Do you keep all your memories in the Christian heaven? If God erases your memories, in what sense are you still you with no memory of music, art, literature, education and relationships? Does God select which memories you keep and which are erased?"

If God were to erase our memories it would subtract the entire reason He placed us on earth in the first place. Some suggest He might erase memories of evil things that have happened, or the memories of our failures, but I don't believe that's the case either. My belief is that once we're in His presence, He will unlock not only the understanding we now lack, but will reveal the real battle that was waged, where satanic forces used us as weapons against Him. Once we know the full truth, not only will it put all our sin and suffering in context, but we will be astonished that we made it at all! When we die here, and become really "alive", all the things we thought we knew will be blown away with actual reality.

In short, we have NO idea of the glory we will enter once this life is over. Of course, this is only true for those of us who have accepted God's provision through the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus Christ. For those who have not accepted (i.e. rejected) His provision, the reality of unbelievable horror will be their reality.

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