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"If a non-believer is good, does it mean he will go to heaven according to Christian beliefs?"


Good is a relative term. Ever told a lie? Ever taken anything that wasn't yours? Ever looked lustfully at another other than your spouse? Ever cheated someone, or on an exam? All of us have. We're all lying, thieving, lewd, cheaters - so what's good about that? And these were done over and over in our lives in one form or another, and if you're honest, we all have a pile of 'em!

The Creator is perfect, and cannot be in the presence of imperfection, so these crimes had to be erased from our record. Since we, as imperfect beings, were incapable of payment ("There is none righteous; no not one"), there are only two solutions: Complete banishment, or complete payment. The good news is that payment has been made, but only for those who choose it.

Which one are you?


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