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"Assuming that Christianity is true, why would God even create humans, if he knew that most of them would not follow Him and therefore be tortured indefinitely?"

Just as we humans do, God desires someone to choose to love Him - not simply obey Him. You can only choose to love someone if you also have the choice NOT to love them. That's Free Will.

So, God chose to give US the choice, while not hiding the benefits and/or the costs. He likely envisioned a nearly infinite number of scenarios ranging from little or no free will, to almost complete free will, and chose the current Construct that gives us (and Him!) the best balance between the two, realizing that with such freedom, most would still choose to reject Him. That's why the benefits are so great, and the costs equally dire.

He didn't force the issue by jumping out and yelling "it's Me or else!" to everyone He created, but He gave us enough evidence, both of His existence, and His love, so we, if we desired to know the truth, would have faith enough to trust Him, and once having done so, know Him with certainty.

That sounds more complicated than it actually is. The reality is that the "whosoever" in John 3:16 means that anyone who desires to know the "secret of life" will be given the opportunity to find it. His evidence is all around us, and He built into each of us that desire to find that truth.

Unfortunately, for us, He has a foe intent on presenting alternate options disguised as "truth", and that foe is very persuasive! Most will choose to believe the seemingly attractive lies, but find the promises of those lies are all, in the end, empty.

The key is Love. God is the very definition of the kind of sacrificial love that is real, and that lasts. He modeled that love for us Himself in the form of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself as payment for OUR sins. Once we understand and accept that payment, God places our names in the "win" column, and opens up that everlasting relationship with us.

In the end, the choice is totally up to us, and the benefits, or punishments, are completely ours to choose. Choose wisely!


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